Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

To our family and friends,

This has been an eventful year beyond what we've had in the past. Like any family we've had our ups and downs, fun times and scary times, and triumphs and struggles. But through it all what is most important is our boys. I am dedicated to the love and well-being for our boys. For this reason this year's annual holiday report will be all about the boys life over the year. Enjoy.

Enjoying fun in the snow

No fear Joey

Incredible triathlon Jonny

Rock'n the drums

Ping Pong fun

Fun times on Fall break with friends

ATV fun in the sand (not really driving-yet)

Adventures abound

The four muskateers

Holy leapers, Jonny!


Venturing into Basketball

First roller coaster ride! 
Boys fishing

goofing t the Theater

A try at fencing- as if he needs another activity

Fake avalanche

The big one that didn't get away

My flower child

In Alaska with the old men

Showing the old man up

Master filleter

Halibut anyone?

Happy in Alaska

Soaked at the Little Rock band gig

Not a water slide- just rainy

Natural water slide

styling the slide

tubes away!

Adventures on the rocks


Rock'n it Live all summer long

Experimenting with Thai 

Triathlon stud 

New favorite Sunday activity

Tough Triathlete boys

Just Joey

Joey takes on Drums

Career day in daddy's cloths

Paddle-boarder Joe

Kayaker Jon 

Eekes! Snakes!

Slithering friends
The Ultimate rocker

First in state regionals in XC

Water excitement


Adorable too

Getting High

High too

Looking for the Christmas tree

Found it

My little Superman

Tough Christmas

Go Joey! 
Our children are our hearts, our obsessions, our struggles, our weaknesses, our fears, but mostly our hope for the future. They are worth every minute of our lives.